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Please remember that information obtained from websites, though in itself accurate, may not be applicable to you and your pregnancy. Always discuss information and questions with your doctor or midwife.

Prenatal screening and testing

Read here 

Invasive tests
Chorionic villus sampling Read here
Amniocentesis Read here

Non-invasive screening
Ampath: Iona test Read here
Genesis Read here
Lancet Read here
Pathcare Read here

Multiple pregnancy
Multiple pregnancy: having more than one baby Read here 
Multiple Pregnancy Read here

Down syndrome Read here
Club foot Read here
Heart abnormalities Read here
Cleft palate Read here

Antidepressants Read here
Thyroid medication Read here
Rhesus negative pregnancy Read here
Nutrition and vitamins Read here

Rhesus negative pregnancy
RhD Negative and Care in Pregnancy

If you need reliable information, please contact SASUOG here, detailing the condition about which you would like more information."